Long Copy

Role: Writing / Emotional Breakdown | Personal Project

Role: Concepting / Copywriting
Agency: Publicis Brazil
Client: Miguel Giannini

A former boss once told me: "all writers live in a dark place." 
I'm no Charles Bukowski, but I know I have my ghosts. 
Thank God, the curse is also the cure - and writing always helps me when I'm in need of some free therapy. 
We, me and my ghosts, found our home in slam poetry, and Ghostwriter.jpg is not about anonymity but about writing them out.
Visuals in collaboration with my good friend and shoulder Margit Junginger.


All the posts connect visuals and words in one storyline/idea. On this day, for example, all the kids in this park were giving me the eye while I hung these A2 posters behind their swings. I could also see that the parents didn't like having their kids exposed to obvious correlations with hangovers and lying.
But I guess it was worth it. I love having the children's park as a scenario to dissect the uncertainty of the near future.



In this one, I tried this AAB - BBC - CCD structure to deliver the feeling of endless repetition. The poem itself reflects a time in my life when I wasn't living anything really new, and that's why we chose the computer screen texture as visuals. 


I was - look at that - reading a magazine when I found out fish don't have eyelids. I tripped immediately about this and ended up writing this. I really liked the quiet desperation feeling delivered in this story and, even though I'm not the subject on it, I can definitely relate to it. The choice of the POV magazine-flipping was an attempt to portray loneliness and overthinking. 


Alcohol spreads all kinds of fire, I guess. Bonds go stronger as intensively as hate becomes fury or paranoia. That's the feeling I tried to express on this one. That libertine sensation of doing something you could regret the next day but not giving a fuck since your thinking cells got inebriated in all ways. The location is a great street art wall in Belgrade that smells like beer from wherever you are.